• SFP


    SFP Applications Ethernet (100M/ 1G) ESCON/ FICON 1G/ 2G/ 4G Fiber channel OC-3/12/48 or STM-1/4/16 Multi-rate 100Mbps to 1.25Gbps and
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  • SFP+


    SFP+ Applications OC192/ STM64 1/10G Ethernet 1/2/4/8G Fiber Channel CPRI and OBSAI (1.25Gbps to 6.25Gbps) Small Form Pluggable Plus(SFP+) Transceiver
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  • XFP


    XFP Applications OC192/ STM64, 9.953Gbps 10G Ethernet, 10.312Gbps 10G Fiber Channel, 10.52Gbps OC192 with G.709 FEC, 10.709Gbps 10G Ethernet with
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  • SFP28


    SFP28 Applications 25G Ethernet 5G Network High-speed storage area networks Computer cluster cross-connect Custom high-speed data pipes Wireless base station
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  • QSFP+ Module

    QSFP+ Module

    QSFP+ Module 4 x 10Gbps Transmission Applications 40GBASE-SR4 (MPO-8) 40GBASE-ESR4 (MPO-8) 40GBASE-LR4L (MPO-8 or LC) 40GBASE-LR4 (MPO-8 or LC) 40GBASE-ER4
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  • CFP


    CFP Module Applications 100GBASE-LR4 (LC) 100GBASE-ER4 (LC) Compact Form Factor Pluggable (CFP) Transceiver Modules available with: Dual Fiber Strands CFP
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Transceiver Selection

Basic key considerations when selecting a Transceiver are as followings:

  • • Protocol/data rate of application
  • • Transceiver Form Factor: SFP, SFP+,XFP, GBIC, CFP and etc.
  • • Optical transmission distance/ Optical budget required for the link
  • • Type of fiber used:
  • • Singlemode /Multimode
  • • Dual Fiber/Single Fiber
  • • Optical transmitting wavelength (mainly for C/DWDM)
  • • Operating environment and condition (normal temp or high temp)
  • • Type and model no of equipment to be used (for coding purpose)

Note: All Starview Transceiver Modules are shipped with DDM features

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