Video wall controller is a pure hardware, professional, high-performance, high-end image processing equipment. It can display multiple dynamic images on multi screen in real time without losing frames to realize the function of multi window splicing. It is mainly applied to high quality, high definition large screen splicing display system. It is the core control device of the system display, and provides an ideal image processing solution for the application of command center, video conference, multi-media hall and other places.
The video wall controller adopts large-scale high-performance FPGA array and high-speed digital switching technology architecture, combined with full digital hardware design concept, and realizes CPU free operation system of video and image processing workstation. video wall controller has powerful processing capabilities, such as broadband video signal acquisition, real-time high resolution digital image processing, 3D higher-order digital filtering and other high-end image processing functions. The controller uses digital multi bus paralleling and digital multi bus data switching processing mechanism, which can fundamentally ensure all the input signal sources are with real-time processing and data consisten-cy, without delay, no discretization , and no frame loss of the image.


• Using High speed data transmission technology with full crossover scheduling architecture
• Each data channel is set with point to point special data channel, keep real time display
• Support splicing frame effect adjustment, window fade-in fusion
• Video windows can be roamed, superposed, zoomed, spliced and used flexibly freely
• Hot pluggable structure, high integration of chassis, multi windows picture in picture, picture out picture Advanced software design, Multiple plans round play function
• Support network control, RS232 control Multiple plans round play function
• Pure hardware structure, no operating system, high stability




Board parameter
Input card:Multiple input cards can be free combinated:VGA, DVI, HDMI, SD/3G/HD/SD-SDI, RJ45, YPbpr/ YCbcr etc.4interface per input card
Output card:DVI/HDMI 2 interface per output card
Support maximum resolution: 3840*2160@30HZ
Display mode:Multi- picture- equivalent image display
Input distance: ≤10m (AWG26 HDMI1.4 cable standard)
Output distance: ≤10m(AWG26 HDMI1.4 cable standard)

Control parameter
Processor manage ethernet port: 1* RJ-45 port, 10/100M self-adaption, support management and configuration of communication processor
Processor manage serial port: 2* RS-232 ports, support controlling of outreach matrix, screen and other third party devices

Function parameter
Transmission belt weight: 6.75Gbps
Output resolution: 3840*2160@60

Software parameter
Control software: PWController apply to WindowsXP/Vista/WIN7

Environmental parameter
Working temperature: -10℃ - 60℃
Working humidity: 5~95% no cooling
Maximum power( W ): 300W
Electrical characteristics: Input 165~240V AC, pluggable power supply


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