Starview WDM Mux/Demux Mini


STARMUX-Mini consists of a circulator that allows customer to use one single strand of Singlemode optical cable for connecting to a 100G LR4/ ER4/ ZR4
Singlemode optic module. The TX1 and RX1 of one end is connected to the TX and RX port of the module, and the COM port is connected to the optical
cable for transmitting to the other end. On the other end of the device, the TX2 and RX2 is connected to the TX and RX port of the module, to achieve
the single fiber transmission. Each of the STARMUX-Mini supports 1 link of the transmission device for single fiber transmission. The key advantage is it’s
modular design where customer can install a 1U rack cable of inserting up to 24 x STARMUX-Mini. The modules are front accessible and are independent
of each module operation. The chassis can also combine with our STARTAP for splitter applications. The STARMUX-Mini has been designed specifically
with the customer’s application, space constraint and accessibility in mind.



• STARMUX-Mini for transmitting 100GBase-LR4/ ER4/ ZR4 on one single fiber strand (Circulator)
• Supports 100Gbps LAN-WDM (LWDM) Singlemode wavelengths (1295.6 nm, 1300.1 nm, 1304.6 nm, and 1309.1nm)
• Cost effective solution to save fiber capacity by 50%
• 19” rack mount to house up to 24 modules
• Passive device without affecting the traffic operation







Configuration: Port 1 to Port 2 to Port 3
Operating Wavelength: 1310nm±30
Insertion Loss Typical: 0.6dB to 0.8dB
Insertion Loss Maximum: 1.0dB
Channel Peak Isolation: ≥ 48dB
Channel Minimum Isolation: ≥ 40dB
Channel Cross Talk: ≥ 50dB
PDL: ≤ 0.15dB
PMD: ≤ 0.1ps
Return loss: ≥ 50dB
Power Handling: 300mW
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Colour: Black
Chassis Dimension: 44mm x 482mm x 240mm 1RU
Chassis Weight: 2.8kg
Module Dimension: 189mm x 40mm x 13mm
Module Weight: 0.1kg


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