MPO Cleaners


For Cleaning the Entire MPO

Endface Pin to Pin

Effective for removing oil, dust, and dirt particulates that can have a negative
impact on fiber optic performance.



• Cleans entire MPO Endface including PIN area’s
• No solvent needed
• Cleans Oil, Dust and Dirt Particulates
• Easy to use, PUSH on, and release to clean



Step 1:
Sticker cleaner contains 10 “Stick”
cleaning area

Step 2:
PUSH MT Ferrule against the stick
surface for cleaner

Step 3:
Remove the MT Ferrule, dirt and oil
will be transferred from the ferrule
to the cleaner


Ordering Information


Starview Endface cleaner for MPO Connector,designed to clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead


Starview Sticker Cleaner containing 10 “Stick” cleaning area for cleaning entire MPO Endface including PIN area



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